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Limited research help from PGSM volunteers is available to PGSM members in good standing for a modest fee which is added to the society’s general fund. Rates are as follows:

    Up to 4 hours of research - $20

    Each Additional 4 hours - $20

    Travel expense if applicable - $30

The initial research fee is $20.00 for up to 4 hours of research. If after 4 hours of research the volunteer finds that more time is required the request enters phase 2. The volunteer will contact you by email to request authorization for further work and the additional $20 payment. 


If the volunteer feels that a visit to an off-site location is required, and is available to undertake the travel, then, once again, the person requesting service will be contacted and advised that travel will be necessary. Payment, $30.00 USD, must be received before any travel begins.


Volunteers do not secure documents or copies of documents but in their research report may include information on how to secure them if known.  To help focus the search, limit your request to one person and clearly state what fact you are looking for. Include as much specific information as you have, such as pertinent dates and names of relatives. Please use the research request form; it helps both you and the searcher. 


Once you have completed the request form and clicked on the "Submit Request" button you will be taken to the PGSM Store to pay for this service.  
Payment must be received & verified before any research work will begin.

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