Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
Mailing Address

Burton-Detroit Public Library/Dept W
5201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48202-4007 USA
Household (U.S. and Non-U.S. Digital Eaglet)       $25
Household (U.S. Hard Copy of Eaglet)                   $30
Household (Non-U.S. Hard Copy of Eaglet)           $38
PGSM is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  According to
Internal Revenue Service guidelines, any amount
paid over $20 per year is tax deductible.
Membership dues may be paid by using one of the following two options:
1. Use PayPal by clicking one of the buttons below.
Payment may be made with a charge card or directly through a PayPal account.
2. Write out a check payable to PGSM and mail it to:
Burton-Detroit Public Library - Dept W
5201 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan  48202-4007
If you wish to pay for multiple years, this is the best option.
NEW MEMBERS:  If writing a check, please print and fill out a membership form (located
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