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Sacred Heart of St. Mary Cemetery
NW corner of McNichols & Mound Rd.
Detroit, MI 48212 USA
(313) 831-6659
This cemetery is owned and maintained by Sweetest Heart of Saint Mary Church. It was established as Greenwood Cemetery in the late 1800s under the leadership of Father Kolasinski on 12.5 acres of land. The name, Greenwood, lasted until the late 1920s.
It has grown many times since then. Records were lost to fire in 1989, and great effort is being done by many to retrieve the names of the over 10,800 burials believed to be in this cemetery.
Some burials
A DVD of over 11,000 burials & maps extracted by PGSM is available from www.pgsm.org under the Store tab.
South side cross
North Gate of Sacred Heart of St. Mary Cemetery
North plot
Center plot
South plot
Cemetery Plot Layout - 2016
North Burial Sections by Year - 2016
Center Burial Sections by Year - 2016
South Burial Sections by Year -2016