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St. Clement Cemetery
Engleman St
Center Line, MI 48015
  • "St. Clement's cemetery was formally established in 1871 although burials took place in that spot in the early 1850's." The first known burial in the cemetery took place on March 27, 1854.
  • "There are few records of early burials, but it can safely be assumed that this cemetery is upwards of 150 years old, also.  Many old-timers bought their lots before the turn of the century, but the cemetery was closed to burials in the 1930's.  Up until 1951 when Fr. T.E. Murray came here, the cemetery had over a period of years grown into a state of neglect and abuse.  It had assumed the appearance of a forlorn jungle, with weeds, dead trees and wild vegetation creating this impression.  Then, in 1952, a group of women asked Fr. Murray and several men to have it cleaned up so that it would look decent."
  • Around 1978, the Parish re-opened the St. Clement Cemetery and added additional land, nearly doubling it in size.  A chapel was also built on the grounds, which are now kept in immaculate condition.  
  • Burials 1854-1977
St. Clement Cemetery Historic Marker