Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
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Burton-Detroit Public Library/Dept W
5201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48202-4007 USA
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PGSM member, Jim Tye, indicated that finding the name of an ancestor who was an enlisted man, is similar to the procedure used to finding someone in a parish register. Read how Tye outlines the process for searching. 04/2017
Speaker notes presented by Jessica Harden from the Archives of Michigan at PGSM meeting April 22, 2017.
This database show the foreign equivalent of given names in various languages, i.e. Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian Polish, Slovakian, Russian, and Yiddish. 04/2017
The State Librarian of Michigan and the Library of Michigan Board of Trustees honor J. William Gorski
Polish words and phrases to assist with headstone readings. List provided by PGSM member and President Valerie Koselka. 04/2017
Extractions from "Peace" and "All Good" published by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The list includes Jubilarians and deceased member of the religious community. 04/2017