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We invite you to browse the website which contains useful links to assist with your Polish research and information about the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan (PGSM).
We are based in Michigan and do our best to reach out to members who live elsewhere in the United States and Poland by communicating electronically by keeping this website updated, sending newsletters and e-mails.     
The Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan is a member of the Michigan Genealogical Council and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.  Please visit these sites by clicking on the badges which are located at the right side of the home page to learn more about each organization.
The membership meetings will begin again in March 2017, please check the calendar for details. 
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Seminar 2017 Speakers

The PGSM Board of Directors are pleased to announce the speakers for this year's seminar on October 28, 2017
at the
American Polish Cultural Center
 Further details about the seminar and registration to follow. 
Sophie Hodorowicz Knab is the author of The Polish Country Kitchen, Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore, Polish Herbs, Flowers & Folk Medicine, Polish Wedding Customs & Tradition and Polish First Names.
Sophie will present a talk based on her latest book:  "Wearing the Letter P:  Polish Women as Forced Laborers in Nazi Germany, 1939-1945.  The second talk will focus on Polish customs and traditions.
Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz is the author of From Shepherds to Shoemakers, her blog about Polish genealogical strategies and personal experiences, speaker at various meetings and seminars and assists many researchers on the Facebook group, Polish Genealogy and Genealogy Translations.  Julie will present her talk:  "I Found My Village! Now What?" Locating Vital Records in Poland Using Online Resources". The second presentation is entitled:  "The Ins and Outs of Geneteka: How it Works, and How to Use it Most Effectively".
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The Hamtramck Project

The PGSM Hamtramck Project's purpose is to transcribe about 100,000 Birth and Death Reports into a digital database.   The file cabinets containing the records were safely transported from the Hamtramck City Hall to the Transcription Center. We are thankful to have use of a modern 800 sq ft office donated to PGSM for this project as well as PGSM's purchase of several... laptop computers for volunteers to use who do not have their own laptops.  This site is set up to accomodate 8 work stations at a time but have enough space to add about 4 more if needed. Training/Orientation of the transcription process is provided to all volunteers.
Hours of operation at the Transcription Center are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays ... from 10am until 3pm ... closed on Thursdays. However, based upon demand we can schedule to be open on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays with advanced notice if there are enough volunteers to work on those days.  Accuracy of transcribing the data is more important than speed.
If you would like to help with this project of significant genealogical importance ... bring a friend with you as well .... All responsible volunteers are welcome .... you don't have to be Polish ..... You don't have to be a member of PGSM .......
This project is underway at the PGSM Transcription Center located at 42463 Garfield, Clinton Twp, between Canal and 19 Mile Road. 
 To volunteer or for more information please, Fred Kuplicki, Director of Projects for PGSM by email at publicity@pgsm.org or by phone at 586.909.4700
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Thinking about Travel

Interested in traveling to your ancestral village and don't know where to start?  Look in Links & Societies under the Researchers/Tour Guides category.
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Search for Vital Records in Rzeszów

Looking for records in Galicia, check out the Links & Societies section of our website.  click here. 
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What's my Name?

Ever wonder what your name is in another language.  What if  your ancestors given name was Ekaterina, Kasia or Caron where might they have lived?  Go to Public Download/General Public Downloads.  Look for the file titled English Version of Foreign Names to find the answer.  Were you able to identify the country for each of the names listed above? 
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Family History Center Film Lists

Two Family History Centers (FHC)  have provided PGSM with  a list of Polish and German films on indefinite loan at their locations. To view the film list click the Public Databases area, next click the category, History Centers - Microfilms.  The Midland Family History Center is located at 1700 West Sugnet Drive, Midland (corner of Sugnet Drive and Eastman Avenue) Midland, Michigan.  The Howell Michigan Family History Center, is at 1041 W Grand River Ave, Howell, Michigan. 
If you are traveling great distances it is always advisable to call to verify open hours.
09/15/2016  tk

Looking for Online Records in Poland

If your looking for online records, check out the Lost Shoebox website.
09/08/2016  tk

Meyer's Gazeteer Updated

Having trouble locating the villages of your immigrant ancestor in current day Poland?  The new updated Meyer Orts - Gazetteer is the place to look. 
Once you enter the location, the map with additional information is available.  The tabs across the top include Ecclesiastical, Related, Email, Feedback.  The Ecclesiastical tab lists places in the vacinity of the originial search place, included are  Catholic, Protestant, churches or parish or Jewish synagogues.   In our Links & Societies section under categories  locate the Maps/Town Locators section.  or Click Here
Check out the other links for town and maps while you are  there.!!
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Polish Headstone Words

Need assistance reading the Polish words on headstones. Valerie Koselka, PGSM member and President has put together a list of useful words and phrases that you will see on headstones.  This list is located in our Public Databases under General Datbases, Click Here
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Latest News
The Polish Weekly
Stay up-to-date with the latest news in Poland. Click the logo.

Death Records
The staff of the Archives of Michigan is pleased to announce that the 1941 images of death records have been uploaded to the Seeking Michigan collection. Click Logo

Transcription Center

The Hamtramck Project Transcription Center will be open 5 days this week Jan 30-Feb 3 on Mon-Wed-Fri from 10am until 3 pm. On Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-Noon. The center is located at 42463 Garfield, Clinton Twp. between Canal and 19 Mile Rd.

Chene Street
Order your copy of the "The Chene Street Story by Helen Kraft". Mrs. Kraft wrote, “It would make many, many, many ghosts very, very, very happy, if the pioneers’ on Chene Street were not forgotten". Click the book to be taken to the "Store" to place your order.

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